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NBC Nightly News:
A man in Massachusetts who suffered a catastrophic personal injury spun his own life around by creating his own wheelchair recycling shop, where each year he turns out more than 100 custom-made chairs.
A Life-Changing Injury:
After a night out drinking, David Heim didn’t think twice about getting in his car on Sept. 18, 1995. He paid a devastating price: Crashing into a tree….
Wheelchair Recycler gives people mobility back:
Getting Camy Stark to Bible class used to be difficult for her parents, Josh and Lori. The 5-year-old from Moore, Okla., has caudal regression syndrome….
The Wheelchair Recycler:
Even if you’re not remotely green, you just gotta love the way David Heim recycles. He takes in donated and banged-up wheelchairs, repairs them, and either sells them for cheap or simply gives them away to folks in need…..
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