Trail Boss its four wheel drive, wide rims with 16-18″ knobby
tires the Trail Boss handles a variety of terrain with a stability
giving the rider a new independce. It is great for getting around
entire yard. I have used it at fair grounds all over New England in
all seasons.

The Trail Boss can spin on a dime and the knobby tires make it
nimble indoors, even on rugs. I can add rakes or blades
if required. I have plowed 6″ of heavy wet snow with it
with ease I am going paint mine yellow and call it a Fisher Jr.
This machine was built from a old Invacare Storm Series power
chair. The chair on it is an office chair from Offix Max. With
new batteries, it will run about 15/20 miles on roads and
depending on the amount of “4 wheeling” you do, it will go
about 10 miles.

I’ve taken into Boston on the MBTA(commuter
rail) and sneaked into The Big Dig on a Sunday and played in the
dirt for a while popping in and out of various construction sites.
Its like my own little ATV (all terrain vehicle) wheelchair but
better and is still a wheelchair and therefore can go anywhere.
- David Heim.