Our History

In January 1998, David Heim founded The Wheelchair Recycler, Inc. in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Mobility-impaired since 1995, David is emotionally aware of the intense bond between chair and user. He combines this empathy with hands-on expertise in the various technologies involved in the many types of power chairs in use today.

Since its inception, The Wheelchair Recycler has given away over 500 power chairs worth between $5,000 – $25,000 and has provided many hundreds of repairs throughout the United States and even other countries.  In many instances, The Wheelchair Recycler has saved many hundreds of people from bed-ridden distress by assisting in a timely manner, whereas the alternative reliance on insurance companies could force handicapped persons to wait up to a year or more for assistance. The Wheelchair Recycler now has a stockpile of power chairs and parts for a variety of wheelchairs, ready to assist those who are immobilized.

Most of the people who have received services, chairs or repairs are on fixed incomes and lacking adequate insurance. David Heim makes it possible for those persons to afford these necessities for life, by significantly reducing the price.

David has a keen knowledge of wheelchair intricacies and is qualified, by means of attitude, intelligence and motivation to aid countless numbers of handicapped persons. Simply stated, David’s life mission is to provide as much help in his expertise to as many as he is able.

* We have been using the extra parts to build Off Road Chairs at affordable prices. Allowing us that use power chairs axis to the great outdoors in all kinds of conditions including the beach.