About Us

The wheelchair recycler will pick up or receive your donated chair or scooter (within our pickup area), repair as needed and make available to others at a very small cost.
Repair service is also available at a fraction of the regular rates.

Who is the wheelchair recycler?

David Heim lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts. In September 1995, he had an accident and sustained a spinal cord injury. After several months of rehabilitation, he started working again driving his power wheelchair six miles back and from his place of employment. In December 1998, he acquired his adapted van and started to recycle wheelchairs from February 1999.

Why is wheelchair recycling important?

According to the Census Bureau’s newly released findings, the number of uninsured Americans rose to 43.6 million during 2002. (Census Bureau Data) Many of the people with disabilities, and those in need of wheelchairs, fall into this category. Even those who do have insurance find it dificult to afford maintenance.

Many of those who have been helped by this recycling are those who have no insurance or areĀ  waiting for equipment.