Letter from Alvaro

Lima – Peru, august 3, 2009

Hello, my name is Alvaro Cardenas Lomparte, I’m 47 years old, and I live in Lima Peru. Due to an accident I am paralyzed from my neck down (TETRAPLEGIC} since 1990. I have a lesion in my spine in the 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae and I can’t move my arms and hands.

I had never considered the possibility of being able to have a powerchair, because I did not have the sufficient money for it. I had a normal wheelchair and it was necessary that someone was pushing me when I wanted to move. But in a resources guide of the foundation “Christopher and Dana Reeve” I knew about the organization “Wheelchairrecycler”. In May 2006 I wrote to them asking for help, and Mr. David Heim had the gentility of answering: “We can donate to you a powerchair”.

After three years I could obtain the way of bringing the wheelchair to Peru. Then I wrote again to Dave and he said to me: “We are still willing donate to you a powerchair”, and a few days later: “We have great news! We found the perfect chair for you”.

After the coordinations and bring the powerchair to Peru I had it, and met the surprise of which it was a chair with reclinable back seat and tilt, really the perfect chair for my needs and like new.

This wheelchair has made me feel free again, I feel as if he had returned my legs to me. Thanks to the “Wheelchairrecycler” begins a different life for me.

It has been an honor for my to know a person as Dave.
May God bless you and continue with this extraordinary work.

Thanks you very much.


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