Letter from Patti

hi dave,
last summer i got an elec wheelcahir from you for free.
you answered my plea with such compassion and grace.
my hubby donny came to you to pick it up and showed him how ot work it etc you said it needed a battery..and my hubby said no problem..he told you about my situation and was concerned i would need a seatbelt..you handed him a velcro strap bright orange you had handy. well it works.
i spoke ot you on the phone and you were concerned i might need a larger chair. you told me i had the right to sell the one i have and get what i need.
i volunteer my time helping failies in need furnish their homesespecially those families moving out of shelters etc.
this past year i have seen many challenges with my health.
i am determined to get back out there in the world with the help of my chair.
i thank you so much for understanding and having the compassion to help others. your gift to me was the road ot my independance.
thank you dave..
god bless.

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