Letter from Molly

March 20, 2009


I have had the pleasure of working with David Heim as a physical therapist at the New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Boston Medical Center.  David has been a key figure on our resource list for several years.  As a hospital that treats all individuals regardless of their ability to pay we often work with people without medical insurance or the financial means to acquire medically necessary equipment. 


David came to us one day and offered his services as a “wheelchair recycler”.  It all seemed too good to be true, but alas, it was true.  David remarkably pieces together old wheelchairs both power and manual and donates them to people in need.


Personally, I have worked with two people who have received expensive power wheelchairs from David at no cost.  The impact his generosity has had on these individual’s lives is tremendous.  To provide an individual with paralysis a means to be mobile is invaluable.  I still see one of the patient’s for therapy and not a session goes by that she doesn’t say how much the wheelchair has meant to her and her family.


I am honored to know and work with someone as generous and kind as David Heim.




Molly Sebo, MPT

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