Letter from James S.

img_0201-copy-3.jpgWe live on a rural farm with our daughter Hayley.  I was impossible for her to be independant and go a round the farm on her own.  When we went for walks on the back roads we had to push her in stroller that was not suitable at all for her.  Eventually as she grew it got to hard and we simply stopped going out as a family for walks.  I had searched the internet and found a couple of power chairs that I thought might handle farm life but they were so expensive it was just not an option.  One day I was searching through craigslist for something entirely different and found this picture of a crazy looking wheelchair with knobby tires.  I sent off an email inquiring about the chair and the rest is history.  Meeting Dave Heim has been one of the best things that ever happened to my family.  We ordered a Trail Boss wheelchair and let Hayley choose her custom design.  During the build Dave would email pictures of the work in progress.  When the chair was finished we went to Dave’s and met him for the first time.  Hayley had never driven anything before and was pretty intimidated but Dave taught her how to drive it in a few minutes.
Since then Hayley has enjoyed the feeling of cruising around our farm. And not waiting for her parent’s to come push her around is the best thing of all.  This summer Dave gave Hayley a track driven wheelchair that he had built for himself.  We took it to the island where we take our vacation and Hayley for the first time in her life was able to go beachcombing and clam digging with her cousins.  She had never been able to negotiate the sand in her wheelchair.  Needless to say Dave Heim is super hero in this house.  Hayleys Ipod is loaded with pictures of her and David at his shop testing wheelchairs.  He is one of a very small group of people who has had such a huge impact on Hayley’s life.  Thanks to you Dave and all your supporters.


  1. Hi Hayle, you are most welcome, any time,

  2. Humbling article. Dave, you are an inspiring individual.

  3. wuzabadass

    Dave,you’re a big man with a
    big heart.do keep up the great job. . .
    thanx from

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